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Movella Launches OBSKUR: The First All-In-One Broadcasting Application for Engaging Livestreams

August 3, 2023

Company also announces OBSKUR Mocap Box for motion-enabled avatars

HENDERSON, NV / ACCESSWIRE / August 3, 2023 / Movella Holdings Inc. (NASDAQ:MVLA) (‘Movella), a leading full-stack provider of sensors, software, and analytics that enable the digitization of movement, today announced the launch of OBSKUR: the first all-in-one broadcasting application for engaging livestreams built on Unreal Engine 5. OBSKUR makes it easy for anyone to create compelling 3D streams, build a community, and efficiently interact with their audience.

Those looking to level up their streaming can add motion to their avatar with the OBSKUR Mocap Box also launching today. The Mocap Box, available for $1,995, incorporates Movella's Xsens motion capture technology with sensors specifically designed for streaming. Xsens technology has been used to animate dozens of Hollywood blockbusters like The Avengers, Avatar, and Black Panther. The Mocap Box also includes customized StretchSense gloves which bring an added level of expression to any stream. To learn more about OBSKUR and OBSKUR Mocap Box visit

"Our mission with OBSKUR is to simplify the lives of streamers, enabling them to focus on their passion for streaming, connecting with their audience, and producing engaging, interactive content," said Andranik Aslanyan OBSKUR's Co-Founder and Product Line Director. "Our all-in-one app takes the pain points out of streaming, so users can focus on creating great content instead of technical difficulties. We're proud to give people a way to pursue their dreams of becoming a full-time streamer, and look forward to empowering individuals by providing powerful monetization opportunities through OBSKUR."

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The move comes at a time when the global livestreaming market is booming, with experts predicting the market to reach $247 billion by 2027 (Source: Market Research Future). Viewers are taking note as well, with 23% of global viewing time spent watching live content and 44% saying they watch less TV as a result of live streaming (Source: IAB).

Easy-to-Stream, No Technical Skills Required

OBSKUR includes everything needed for the perfect stream, ensuring those with no technical 3D skills can produce 3D content independently on day one. The 3D Environment Creator allows streamers and VTubers alike to create limitless, dynamic environments with top-tier rendering, interactive physics, real-time lighting, and animations. Those looking to bring in their own VTuber model can do so seamlessly with the VRM Character Importer.

Boost Audience Interactivity, Increase Engagement

The OBSKUR Twitch Extension allows streamers to engage their audience via live interactivity. Streamers can create custom 3D, physics-enabled interactions to interact with their audience in new unique ways, increasing engagement and boosting monetization opportunities. OBSKUR's flexible streaming options integrates with iPhone or VMCP face tracking, and allows creators to stream from their webcam or as a VTuber by inserting themselves in a 3D environment, where they can edit materials, particle effects, and props to easily make a 3D scene.

Level Up Your Streaming with The Mocap Box, powered by Xsens

The Mocap Box by OBSKUR is mocap made easy. Available for $1,995, The Mocap Box includes the OBSKUR Upper Body Mocap set with nine Xsens sensors and customized gloves made by StretchSense. The Mocap sensors have up to 12 hours battery life to enable long streaming sessions. OBSKUR also integrates with other mocap hardware.

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Movella is a leading full-stack provider of sensors, software, and analytics that enable the digitization of movement. Movella serves the entertainment, health & sports, and automation & mobility markets. Our innovations enable customers to capitalize on the value of movement by transforming data into meaningful and actionable insights. Partnering with leading global brands such as Electronic Arts, EPIC Games, 20th Century Studios, Netflix, Toyota, Siemens and more than 500 sports organizations, Movella is creating extraordinary outcomes that move humanity forward. To learn more, please visit

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